Was Bell an Advocate for Genetic Research on Humans?

No. In 1909, The American Breeders Association, which focused on livestock, launched a new section to study the science of heredity in human beings. This section was divided into two parts: The Eugenics Records Office, established in 1910, and a series of subcommittees to study how specific genetic traits are inherited. Bell was appointed to be the chairman of the sub-committee on Heredity of Deafmutism.

Bell’s scientific interest in heredity led him, in 1910, to be appointed to an honorary position as the Chairman of the Board of Scientific Directors to the Eugenics Record Office.

A meeting of the Eugenics Section of the American Breeders’ Association was held in Washington, DC in 1911. Bell hosted the meeting at the Volta Bureau but did not present a paper or discuss any of his own research.

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