About Edwin Grosvenor

Edwin Grosvenor has been the Editor-in-Chief of American Heritage and Invention & Technology Magazines and President of American Heritage Publishing since 2007.

Edwin Grosvenor giving a lecture on Alexander Graham Bell.
Edwin Grosvenor

Grosvenor has written, co-authored, or edited thirteen books on American and European history including History’s Great Showdowns, The Middle Ages, and 299 Things You Should Know About American History.

He has also written two books about his great-grandfather, Alexander Graham Bell, and several magazine articles. Alexander Graham Bell: The Life and Times of the Man Who Invented the Telephone (Harry N. Abrams) was widely and favorably reviewed.

The Christian Science Monitor noted that the book was a “well-researched… engaging portrait of a truly impressive man.” David McCullough wrote that it was a “lively, consistently engaging book.” Publishers Weekly called it “an engaging narrative . . . of unusual warmth about this fascinating American,” while Kirkus Reviews described it as “an effective marriage of text and photographs, and a succinct portrait of a decent man and a remarkable scientist.

Grosvenor has lectured about Bell at the Smithsonian, Boston Museum of Science, Museum of Natural History, Cosmos Club, Explorer’s Club, U.S. Telephone Association, and the Mid-Atlantic Venture Conference.

He has been interviewed for numerous television appearances on A&E, CBS Sunday Morning, Discovery Channel, PBS: American Experience, WUSA TV, etc.

He has also done radio interviews for AARP Radio, AP Radio, CBC, NBC Radio Network, NPR., Voice of America, WODS Radio, WTAG Radio, and WTOP/WASH, “Sunday Morning Magazine.

Grosvenor obtained his MBA and his MS (Journalism) degrees from Columbia University, and his BA from Yale University. Early in his career, Grosvenor worked as a freelance photographer for National Geographic, completing 23 assignments in such countries as Belize, Canada, France, Greece, Iceland, Kenya, Spain, Tonga, Turkey and the U.S.

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