Bell Was Not a Loner and a Recluse

​Katie Booth has characterized Bell as a lonely recluse in her book and in interviews.  For example, say writes, “[Bell] believed that deafness was inherently lonely. But it was Bell to whom loneliness clung, even if his greatest effort was to lift it.”

This is a laughable characterization.  Bell traveled with an entourage and was surrounded by a large, adoring family, and a large laboratory staff of over thirty workers. He constantly entertained (his Home Notes recorded hundreds of meals and conversations) and he hosted regular Wednesday evening gatherings of the leading politicians, thinkers, and writers in Washington. 

​Bell even had dinner with the leaders of the signing movement, Edward Gallaudet and Edward Fay, six times a year on average.
​“Lonely” is not a characterization of Bell I have ever heard before Katie’s invention.