Bibliography on Alexander Graham Bell and the Teaching of the Deaf

Historic Photo of Alexander Graham Bell demonstrating his invention, the Telephone.

Early Development of Teaching the Deaf by Oral and Manual Methods (18th and 19th Century)

National Education Association of the United States, Proceedings of meeting held in the Senate chamber, Madison, Wis., Wednesday, July 16th, 1884: to consider the subject of deaf-mute instruction in relation to the work of the public schools.
Washington: Gibson bros.. Contains a dispassionate and detailed review of the history of deaf education by Prof. Joseph C. Gordon of the National College for Deaf- Mutes (now Gallaudet University), which can be found on page 22.

Gordon, Joseph C., Practical hints to parents of young deaf children concerning preliminary home training. 1886. Gibson Bros., Washington, DC. This book by Prof. Gordon of Gallaudet University gives a detailed history of various methods of teaching the deaf. Available online from the National Library of Medicine.

Bell, Alexander Graham, 1872 Essay “Visible Speech as a Means of Communicating Articulation to Deaf-Mutes” and letters from Edward A. Fay and others, printed in American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb, Edited by Edward A. Fay, Under the Direction of E. M. Gallaudet, of Washington, Vol. XVII., No. 1. February 6, 1872.

Bell’s Statements on Signing

Extensive remarks by Bell and Gallaudet are contained in National Education Association, Proceedings of meeting held in the Senate chamber, Madison, Wis., Wednesday, July 16th, 1884

Bell, Alexander Graham. Letter to the Editor of The Educator: Remarks upon Mr. Jenkins’ Paper. 1894.

Bell, Alexander Graham, “Growth of the Oral Method of Instructing the Deaf,” An Address Delivered November 10, 1894, on the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Opening of the Horace Mann School, Boston, Mass. Pamphlet printed 1898.

Bell, Alexander Graham, “The Utility of Signs,” The Educator Vol. V, pp. 38 to 44. 1898.

Bell, Alexander Graham, “The Question of Sign-Language,” The Educator Vol. V, pp. 38 to 44. 1898.

Bell’s Statements on Marriage of the Deaf

Bell, Alexander Graham, Marriage an address to the deaf.  [Washington : s.n.], 1898.

Gallaudet Faculty Opposition to Marriages of the Deaf

Ennis, William Thomas. “Hereditarian ideas and eugenic ideals at the National Deaf-Mute College.” PhD thesis, University of Iowa, 2015.

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