Velo Dart Grant Helps Students Build Solar-Powered Velomobile

In December 2022, the Alexander and Mabel Bell Legacy Foundation proudly awarded a grant to Munro Academy’s Production Technology STEM course, giving students the green light to prototype a human/solar-powered, four-season velomobile. Munro Academy, a private preparatory school that fosters highly engaging and transformative learning experiences for its students, is located less than an hour […]

RCM Releases Alexander Graham Bell Circulation Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint celebrated Canada’s spirit of innovation with a commemorative Alexander Graham Bell circulation coin: here’s what you should know. In 2022, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) celebrated Canada’s tremendous spirit of innovation with a commemorative Alexander Graham Bell circulation coin. The release comes just in time to honor Bell’s 175th birthday.  Though […]

“Hear My Voice:” Bell’s Earliest Recordings Go Public in 2023

Between 1880 and 1881, Alexander Graham Bell quietly delivered three loads of sealed tin boxes from Volta Laboratories to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. Patent fights loomed on the horizon, and Bell, who held the Smithsonian in high regard, trusted the institution to keep evidence of his experimental recordings and devices safe.  Over the […]

7 Epic Alexander Graham Bell Inventions

Black and White Photo of one of the First Flights

Was Bell’s only major invention the telephone? Learn more about the other incredible Alexander Graham Bell inventions that affected everything from aviation to medicine. For most people, Alexander Graham Bell’s name is synonymous with the telephone. But so many other Alexander Graham Bell inventions play a crucial part in our society as well. A Foundation […]

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