Bibliography on Alexander Graham Bell and the Teaching of the Deaf

Historic Photo of Alexander Graham Bell demonstrating his invention, the Telephone.

Early Development of Teaching the Deaf by Oral and Manual Methods (18th and 19th Century) National Education Association of the United States, Proceedings of meeting held in the Senate chamber, Madison, Wis., Wednesday, July 16th, 1884: to consider the subject of deaf-mute instruction in relation to the work of the public schools.Washington: Gibson bros.. Contains a dispassionate […]

Rudimentary Sign Languages of the 19th Century Were Not the Same As Modern ASL.

An early image of a Deaf community

Image George Dalgarno system for signing.Image hand layout for signing.Harold Clark’s talking glove developed for WWI veterans. Katie Booth believes that Bell’s opposition to signing as it was 140 years ago meant he would try to prevent deaf people today from using modern American Sign Language (ASL). This is mere speculation, like saying someone wouldn’t […]

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