Was Bell Connected to the U.S. Supreme Court Case of Buck V. Bell?

No. The controversial case Buck v. Bell, in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that laws mandating the sterilization of the mentally handicapped did not violate the Constitution, was decided in 1927. The “Bell” in Buck v. Bell was Dr. John H. Bell, who had no relationship whatsoever to Alexander Graham Bell who died in 1922. Dr. John […]

Did Bell Support Equal Rights for Women?

Yes. Bell was extremely progressive in his views about women and their role in society. In a 1901 letter from Bell to his wife Mabel, he wrote “If only the educated can vote, they not only rule the uneducated, but have the power to prevent the latter from being educated — a dangerous power to place in […]

Did Bell Endorse Racial Segregation?

​No. Bell was a strong and early believer in equal rights. In 1876, Bell hired draftsman Lewis Howard Latimar, the son of a former slave, to execute his drawings and assist in the preparation of patent applications for Dr. Bell’s telephone. In 1904, Bell wrote a letter to then U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt calling for a State Department […]