7 Epic Alexander Graham Bell Inventions

Black and White Photo of one of the First Flights

Was Bell’s only major invention the telephone? Learn more about the other incredible Alexander Graham Bell inventions that affected everything from aviation to medicine. For most people, Alexander Graham Bell’s name is synonymous with the telephone. But so many other Alexander Graham Bell inventions play a crucial part in our society as well. A Foundation […]

Alexander Graham Bell Biography

Alexander Graham Bell is best known as the inventor of the telephone — the first to transmit the human voice by means of an electric current — but there was much more to this extraordinary man than his breakthrough in communications technology. His grandfather Alexander Bell was an actor, photography enthusiast and elocution professor who […]

How Did Bell Help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing?

Black and White sketch of a hand used in teaching the deaf community.

Although he is best known as the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell actually devoted much more of this life to helping people who were deaf or hard of hearing, especially children. Bell’s mother Eliza lost most of her hearing in the 1860s when Alec was a boy. He learned to speak close to […]

About Edwin Grosvenor

Edwin Grosvenor has been the Editor-in-Chief of American Heritage and Invention & Technology Magazines and President of American Heritage Publishing since 2007. Grosvenor has written, co-authored, or edited thirteen books on American and European history including History’s Great Showdowns, The Middle Ages, and 299 Things You Should Know About American History. He has also written […]

Did Bell Endorse Racial Segregation?

​No. Bell was a strong and early believer in equal rights. In 1876, Bell hired draftsman Lewis Howard Latimar, the son of a former slave, to execute his drawings and assist in the preparation of patent applications for Dr. Bell’s telephone. In 1904, Bell wrote a letter to then U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt calling for a State Department […]

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