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The Alexander & Mabel Bell Legacy Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded to preserve and protect the legacy of Alexander and Mabel Bell—and we’re asking for your help in driving our mission forward.

Our foundation advances the Bells’ legacy through increased public awareness of their humanitarian contributions and life-altering inventions. We believe that it is vital for people to learn about the Bells’ impact on society so they can continue to inspire future generations.

You can help inspire the next generation of change-makers and problem-solvers by donating today.

Let’s Make a Difference Together

When you make a gift to the Alexander and Mabel Bell Legacy foundation, you’re supporting the spirit of innovation. Our foundation provides support through grants and programming for charitable and educational endeavors related to the Bells’ scientific and humanitarian interests.

We hope that you will consider donating to our foundation so we can continue our work in preserving the Bells’ legacy. Your donation will help us educate people about the importance of the Bells’ inventions and how they have improved our world.

Donation FAQs

Yes. You must file a Schedule A with your tax form to deduct donations.

Yes. We will issue a digital tax receipt for your convenience when your gift is received.

100% of your donation will be used to issue grants and support programming in support of the Bells’ legacy.

No, we protect all donors’ personal information and respect their privacy.

Yes. We can accept donations in the form of checks and credit cards.

Yes. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have if you would like to submit; reach out to us here.

For more information about making a donation, please contact:

Sara Grosvenor

The Alexander and Mabel Bell Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving, protecting, and advancing the Bells’ legacy and spirit of Innovation.

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