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Bring your brand to life with Alexander Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell was one of the most prolific inventors of his time.

While he’s best known as the inventor of the telephone, Bell’s contributions in the fields of aviation, sound recording, medical technology, and advocacy for the deaf make him an influential figure in American history and beyond.

The Alexander and Mabel Bell Legacy Foundation was formed by the descendants of Alexander and Mabel Bell with the objective of sustaining this legacy for future generations. One of the core functions of the AMBLF is to license the name, likeness and intellectual property of the Bell family for commercial, charitable, and educational purposes.


The AMBLF preserves collectibles and archival materials such as books, notebooks, and ephemera. By sourcing and retrieving these artifacts, the Foundation continues to expand upon the existing body of primary source material related to the Bell family.


The Foundation has secured the Bell family’s Right of Publicity, allowing the AMBLF to protect the Bell legacy from disparagement, exploitation, and misrepresentation or inaccuracy in the historical record.


By working with reputable organizations to preserve and protect the heritage of the Bell family, the AMBLF can continue to advance the causes of education, historical understanding, and deaf advocacy for years to come.

Your brand can be part of the Bells' legacy.

The Alexander and Mabel Bell Legacy Foundation arranges publicity rights, photographs, and licensing opportunities for organizations interested in using the Bell name and image.

We educate the public about the accomplishments of Alexander and Mabel Bell through our website and programs, safeguard their possessions for posterity, and raise funds through licensing fees from supporters like you so that we can offer grants to nonprofit entities related to the Bells’ scientific and humanitarian causes.

You can help us continue our important work by donating or licensing our intellectual property. Taking advantage of the licensing opportunities offered by the AMBLF offers a way of honoring the legacy of Alexander Graham Bell and his family while lending material support to the AMBLF.

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Alexander Graham Bell Commercial Licensing

The AMBLF is happy to work with those who wish to use the name or likeness of Alexander Graham Bell or the Bell family for advertising or branding purposes.

Below are examples of past campaigns of which the AMBLF has been a part.

AT&T licensed Alexander Graham Bell’s name and image for their XANDR digital media and advertising business (including philanthropic activities).

The Royal Canadian Mint licensed the use of Alexander Graham Bell’s name and image for numismatic coins in honor of Bell’s 175th birthday.

Medical technology company Becton Dickinson and Company licensed the Bell name and image for a campaign commemorating the 100th anniversary of Bell’s death from diabetes and the 100th anniversary of insulin discovery.

Alexander Graham Bell Educational Licensing

The Alexander and Mabel Bell Legacy Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports educational endeavors. We believe that education is the cornerstone of society, and our partnerships reflect our dedication to helping students everywhere learn and grow.

Below are some examples of our educational partnerships.

Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History – AMBLF provided a grant for the exhibit: Hear My Voice, Alexander Graham Bell and the Origins of Recorded Sound

A.G. Bell Aviation Notebooks

The AMBLF is proud to have acquired the Aviation notebooks documenting the research, design, and launch of the Aileron. These documents have been made available to the public on this website. For licensing inquiries, please contact us.

Bell Homestead Conservation Project

The Bell Homestead in Brantford, Ontario is a protected National Historical Site. The AMBLF is proud to offer its support to the City of Brantford’s Parks and Recreation Department in its ongoing efforts to preserve the Bell estate.

Beinn Bhreagh Recorder

The Foundation is in possession of an original copy of a notebook that documents the sheep breeding experiments conducted on the Beinn Bhreagh estate.

We’re the Alexander & Mabel Bell Legacy Foundation.

It’s our mission to provide the public with the most in-depth, accurate information about the life and achievements of Alec and Mabel Bell. Our foundation seeks to safeguard the Bells’ physical, intellectual, and philanthropic contributions to society through our website, historical archives, and curated programs. All of our articles, artifacts, and programs are expertly curated to provide the most authentic insights into the life and work of AGB available.

The Alexander and Mabel Bell Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving, protecting, and advancing the Bells’ legacy and spirit of Innovation.

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