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Continuing the legacy of Alexander and Mabel Bell through grants and educational programming.

Alexander Graham Bell

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The Alexander and Mabel Bell Legacy Foundation is pleased to support a number of programs that reflect its mission to educate the public about the Bells’ historical contributions.

We partner with a wide array of governmental and non-governmental organizations that share our commitment to preserving the legacy of the Bell family. One major function of the Alexander and Mabel Bell Legacy Foundation is to create, support, and promote programs that further our mission and those of our partners.

Current Programs

The Foundation supports the following ongoing programs:

Mabel Gardiner Hubbard’s Epic Gardens

In collaboration with Parks Canada, Dr. Alana Pindar of Cape Breton University, and members of the Bell family, the Alexander Graham Bell Foundation helped launch a program to recreate Mabel Hubbard Bell’s gardens on the grounds of the Bells’ Beinn Bhreagh estate in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. The gardens were formally opened on 2 August 2022.

Mabel’s plans for the gardens had been discovered three years prior. After poring over the many pages and documents outlining Mabel’s plans for the gardens, the idea to recreate them was born.
Mabel Hubbard Bell was a lifelong gardener, a proponent of education, and a key figure in Alexander’s life. In recreating her beloved gardens, the AMBLF and its partners hope to continue her legacy.

The Alexander Graham Bell Aviation Notebooks

While Alexander Graham Bell is best known for the telephone, he also made notable contributions to the field of aviation. The notebooks containing his work, however, were missing for more than 50 years until the Foundation was able to retrieve them at auction.

By procuring his original aviation notebooks and opening them up to the public, the AMBLF continues to preserve this important piece of history for posterity.

Hearing History: Recovering Sound from Alexander Graham Bell's Experimental Records

The Foundation is delighted to offer its support to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History for an upcoming exhibition that will explore Alexander Graham Bell’s early work in the field of recording.

The goal of the Hearing History project is to recover sounds from the historic recordings from Bell’s Volta Laboratory in Baddeck, NS—literally allowing us to hear groundbreaking moments captured on audio from the past!

Bell’s understanding of sound, hearing, and recording, including the invention of the graphophone, was an important step in the evolution of modern recording technology. More details on the Smithsonian exhibition to follow.
Ever wondered what 1889 sounded like? Check out the article from the National Museum of American History below.

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The Alexander and Mabel Bell Foundation is immensely grateful for the generous donations of its benefactors. Charitable contributions are an invaluable resource for the Foundation and critical to the fulfillment of its mission. All donations are used for the following purposes:

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